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Tips for Reporting Wage Theft if Your Employer is Stealing From You

Some people work so hard in order to make better lives for themselves and it is not fair that an employer might decide to rob you. You should not be that surprised to hear that there are companies that do skim the employees. Some people will suffer through this without an idea because they only check whether there is money in their bank account and not the details of the payslip. If the employer is not just using the hours you have worked to calculate your salary, then you are more vulnerable. Not many people go through the constitution to understand the laws related to wages and it is this lack of knowledge that makes employees vulnerable to skimming. If you understand the laws, it will be easy for you to report wage theft if you realize it has been happening. Some people picture the criminals sitting in a dark room debating how they can steal but this is not the scenario. It will be done in the open more times than not. A number of people are being paid way below the minimum wage. There are states that will set their own minimum wage but the federal law is the baseline. 7.25 dollars for every hour you work is the minimum wage imposed by the federal laws. The hourly rate should be the higher one between the federal and state laws.

In case you are assigned overtime, the hourly rate should be 2 1/2 times what the normal rate is. The work week should not be more than 40 hours and anything above that is overtime. This is the wage theft you will find everywhere. A wage theft lawsuit will force your employer to pay you any amount in arrears. In some cases, the employers will change the numbers and make some small deductions from your paycheck which is very difficult to determine. There might be inconsistencies from time to time even when the employer agreed on the minimum wage. Sometimes, you are given a lot of money to complete a certain task and it might seem to be a lot and you will be happy and not think of anything else. However, divide the amount you got and the number of hours it took for you to complete the task in the end and ask for the remainder of the money if it is below the minimum wage.

In addition, be keen when your overtime hours are being calculated. Given how quick the numbers and hours can go up, you ought to be careful. However, the law protects you as long as the contract is legal. For more tips, you should click here. You can learn more on this site. Click here for more about this issue.