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Benefits Of Fluoride To The Teeth It was difficult not to come across fluoride being mentioned when things related to teeth were being mentioned. For others, it was the first chemical element they knew. This is because of the countless times that we heard it being used as a selling feature in toothpaste. This went a long way in making our young minds realize that fluoride had to be special. Although some of us may know that fluoride is important, the extent of its significance is at times lost to us. This mineral is a naturally-occurring in the earth’s crust. It can be obtained from particular food, mouthwash or even in water that has been fluoridated.Fluoride is advantageous to your teeth. It is not difficult to access fluoride; therefore, there is no reason why you should not benefit from it. First and foremost, the use of fluoride helps your teeth combat decay. Plaque is a type of bacteria that is responsible for causing decay. Bacteria release acid after feeding on the sugar in our mouth in the same way we remove waste from our bodies after eating. The decay acids degrade the outer layer of teeth known as enamel. Fluoride causes the acids not affect the enamel as much as they would without fluoride. Fluoride helps maintain a balance of the plaque acids and teeth-protecting elements, which means the odds of your teeth being attacked by the acids and decaying are quite small.
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Fluoride restores minerals back to your teeth. The decay of teeth is followed by loss of minerals from the outer layer. However, when one uses a fluoride mouthwash or gets fluoride from any source it restores the minerals to the degraded teeth. The mechanism of action of fluoride is it draws protective elements like calcium to the teeth. Calcium is known for its usefulness in strengthening the teeth and it is a major component of the teeth. Fluoride means that there is hope for those whose teeth have been destroyed by decays.
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Fluoride is necessary for strengthening in your teeth during their development. There is fluoride in the blood that goes into growing teeth to ensure that they have a sturdy structure. It is the fluoride in the teeth that makes growing teeth be able to withstand decay especially in the clasps. That area would be the best place for the bacteria to thrive but fluoride prevents that from happening. The fluoride in your teeth makes decay bacteria almost powerless. This is because when the bacteria cause the teeth to decay, the fluoride restores the minerals to the teeth. This is the best thing that could happen to your teeth. Fluorides deserves to get more credit than it often receives. With all these benefits, why then would we not embrace it. Fluoride could be the miracle that will save us from the painful sessions at the dentist to extract decayed teeth. Make sure that you brush your teeth three times daily with fluoride toothpaste and drink fluoride tap water to enjoy these benefits maximally.