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How to Treat Varicose Vein Disease

In case you are suffering from varicose vein disease then seeking treatment needs to be your highest priority. Varicose vein treatment will not only stop hideous defects from appearing on your skin but will also help you in avoiding having heart problems which would have come as a result of not giving proper attention to the varicose vein disease.

With today’s advanced methods for treating veins disease, one can avoid undergoing the traditional varicose vein stripping surgery.

In severe cases of varicose veins disease, surgical procedures like litigation and stripping is needed to remove the affected veins by closing it and then entirely removing it from the surface of the skin. The other method for treating severe varicose vein disease is the Ambulatory Phlebectomy. The large varicose veins in this method are drawn out of the skin by using surgical hooks. The advantage of this method is that it enables you to resume your regular daily activities after having this procedure. The other surgical procedure used in treating varicose vein disease is Endoscopic vein surgery. In this invasive surgical method, incisions on the swollen veins are made then a small video camera is inserted to view inside the swollen vein before it gets removed from the skin.

The advanced state-of-the-art spider vein treatment is ideal if you suffer from the less critical forms of vein disease. This technique uses two procedures, and one involves creating random incisions to do away with the swelling problem while the other one requires the injection of a unique solution into the veins to shrink them. Since these procedures do have some complications, it is good that you discuss your medical history with your doctor to address whatever underlying conditions before going ahead with this form of treatment.
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Doctors in Tacoma prefer using Sclerotherapy in spider vein treatment. A solution made from a peculiar formula in this method is injected into the skin to enlarge the veins making them stick together thus ultimately stopping blood from flowing within these veins thus causing them to shrink to their ordinary size.
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It is vital to note with invasive treatments, and you are at a higher risk of having infections because, in these methods, the varicose veins are removed as an outpatient procedure while in the non-invasive methods you will end up having scars that may last for weeks before finally fading away.

Therefore, before settling on any program of medication, you should think of which post varicose vein removal procedure risk that you can easily bear.