Risks And Complications Associated With Breast Augmentation

In Florida, women must consider possible risks and complications associated with breast augmentation surgery. These risks could equate to painful developments and unwanted conditions that affect the appearance of the implants. The following are risks and complications associated with these procedures.

Complications that Could Occur

Asymmetry of the breast is possible with some breast implants. This is a condition in which an uneven appearance of the breasts occurs. It could affect the size or shape of the breasts. This is also a common reason that women may undergo the procedure in the first place.

Breast Tissue Atrophy

This is a condition in which the skin of the breasts become thin or start the shrink. This could become more severe if the patient loses a large volume of weight suddenly. If the breast implant was placed on top of the muscle, the edges of a saline breast implant could become more visible.

Calcium or Calcification Deposits

These deposits are hard lumps that appear just underneath the skin. These lumps must be removed and are often mistaken for potentially cancerous masses. They can also become painful for the patient.

Delayed Wound Healing

This condition is possible for patients who have undergone cancer treatments previously. They could also occur if the patient has diabetes or cardiovascular disease. If the patient is at a higher than average risk of developing is the condition, the surgeon may advise against the procedure.

What Happens Down the Road

After breast augmentation, women cannot undergo mammograms as this increases the risk of a rupture. The patient may need an MRI to assess the implants. These scans should be performed at least every three years. If the surgeon discovers any ruptures, the patient is required to have the implant removed or undergo a second implantation surgery. These implants could make it more difficult to identify cancerous masses in the breasts. Additionally, while breastfeeding with implants is possible, it could become uncomfortable or difficult.

In Florida, women must review all possible risks and complications of breast augmentation. This gives them a clear assessment of possible health risks. Patients who want to evaluate these conditions more thoroughly should contact a surgeon or review more information online now.