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The American Drug Epidemic Everyone knows that if you use an illegal drug like heroin, it is going to do damage to your body. This is because schools have programs where they have people come in an educate the students on the harm that can be caused by drugs. Even though they know about the harm it can cause, there are millions of teenagers that experiment with drug use for the first time every year. Some drugs are so addictive that using it one time is enough to get a person addicted to it. Many of these drugs are illegal as lawmakers looked for ways to lower the amount of drugs that are used in America. However; punishing addicts and those that sell illegal drugs has proven to be an ineffective solution. We are going to need to offer treatment for drug addiction if we are going to be able to stop the drug epidemic in America. Because of all of the things that contribute to the drug epidemic, there is not an easy solution to the problem. One of the things that is causing the drug epidemic is that there is a stigma associated with seeking help because of a mental health issue. There are many people that first started using drugs because they were looking for a way to manage the pain of their depression. One thing we can do to stop the drug epidemic is make it easier to get treatment when you are dealing with depression. Another big cause of the drug epidemic is the amount of people that are addicted to prescription opiates. Many people that are addicted to these opiates were given them by a doctor to deal with pain for an injury or surgery. Part of the problem is that people do not seek treatment when they become addicted to a drug they were first given by a doctor.
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If America wants to deal with the drug epidemic, the best thing they can do is give treatment to the people that need it. With drug treatment finders, there is a way for addicts to get help to find programs to help them stop drug use. Not only are they going to look for the programs that will be most effective for the addict, but also ways that the addict is going to be able ot pay for their treatment.
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There are millions of people that are addicted to drugs in America, and thousands die from it every year. America has a drug epidemic, and the laws that treat addiction like a crime do not help. If we are going to solve the drug epidemic in America, we need to get people treatment for their addiction.