Advanced Procedures for MTF Surgery

Male to Female (MTF) transformation can include a number of surgeries and the latest body sculpting techniques to help clients realize their desired outcomes for physical womanhood. The most common surgery is breast augmentation, but transformation can be much more feminizing than that. Excellent results require skill, experience, and extensive training in trans-gender procedures.

A Welcoming and Affirming Environment

Personal attention is provided from the first consultation to post-surgery care. Accommodations and a caregiver can be arranged for out-of-town clients. No counseling letter is needed to qualify for surgery. Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of eighteen-years.

Selecting Procedures

Professionals work with clients to help determine which procedures will meet with overall expectations. If a natural and curvy shape is desired, for example, body contouring procedures may include VASER liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, or fat grafting to hips and thighs. Facial injections, forehead reduction, and scalp advancement can be used to attain more feminine facial features. Orchiectomy, or male reproductive organ removal, is also available.

Once all the options are explained during the consultation process, a plan can be developed to spread out procedures to suit preferences or budget constraints. It is not uncommon for clients to have surgery done in stages to present gradual changes over time. That allows the client, as well as family and friends, to get used to each aspect of the complete transformation before having the next procedure done.


Procedure specials are offered to save clients money on a combination of popular services. Two financing options are available. Both are based on credit scores, but that does not necessarily exclude those with less than stellar scores. One option has more liberal approval criteria, but will charge higher interest rates. Having a willing cosigner may be helpful if scores are not ideal.

There is the potential from both resources to get full financing with zero down payment. Clients can apply from links provided on the website. Do not let costs stand in the way of fulfilling goals when it comes to MTF surgery. If necessary, procedures can be done one by one to accommodate budgets. Enjoy the transformation in a positive and supportive atmosphere.