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The drug to increase potency Viagra has the widest application. At one time, “Viagra” was advised to take people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. However, fresh research says: this tool will not cure heart failure.

The essence of the regulations was the fact that Viagra increases blood flow to different parts of the human body. Therefore, doctors believed that the drug will drive the blood including in the heart. However, scientific observation, which was attended by 216 volunteers (average age of participants was 69 years old), showed that the substance sildenafil – generic Viagra – works no better than placebo. In addition, were marked by strong side effects.

Says Professor Margaret Redfield, working at the Mayo Clinic (USA): “Through 24 weeks after administration of Viagra volunteers were tested for the symptoms and improve the condition of their cardiovascular system. But we have not seen improvements. But there was a reduction of pressure, manifested tides. And six men who took sildenafil, died before the end of our experiment.”

Sildenafil and other similar substances are inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5. The developers of Viagra worked on this drug as a tool to improve blood flow in the myocardium, treatment of coronary heart disease and angina. However, it was also used for lowering blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries. After it became clear that Viagra generic levitra restores a healthy response to sexual arousal, this property became the main reason for the use of the drug.

Although Viagra is not recommended for patients with heart failure, most doctors prescribe it, citing data obtained by tests on laboratory animals and some clinical tests. Now officially confirmed by: Viagra heart failure is useless and even dangerous.