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Medication against alopecia — Minoxidil, Sinocast, Propecia and other.

Minoxidil the end of the 20th century in the pharmaceutical market appeared first drugs with proven efficacy against
alopecia based on the active ingredient called Minoxidil. In Europe it can be found under the name of Regan, USA – Rogan. Minoxidil stops hair loss, prolonging the growth phase of hair and increases the hair follicle itself.Initially, the drug Minoxidil was used in cardiology due to its properties such as pressure drop and potent vasodilatation. He soon found the side effects, and accidentally noticing hair growth in macaques, which conducted experiments with Minoxidil. When applied topically, Minoxidil does not have any unwanted efectos on the body.

Today, Minoxidil is recognized as one of the most effective drugs against baldness.

New hair therapy Minoxidil appear in...

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That will really help to stop hair loss?

Pharmacy means from falling out of woloschak see causes of hair loss is quite a lot. Therefore, in order for treatment to be effective, you must determine what affects your hair. After all, if you fail in your hormones or problems with the gastrointestinal tract, there are no masks and other folk remedies will not help you, in this case, you must contact the appropriate specialist.
However, in any case, will not prevent the following:

Review your lifestyle – try less nervous, find some time for yourself. If your work is connected with stressful situations, find an occupation with which you could relax after a hard day. For example, do yoga or meditate.
Pharmacy means from falling out of walesonlinethe attention to your diet. With hair loss your food should be as natural and balanced...

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Main causes of hair loss

Main causes of hair loss
Prescription loss walstrom, after scratching, remarking on his tuft of hair comb, no need to start panicking. Because hair loss is a natural process. Per day the average person loses 50 to 125 hairs, and in their place new grow. This is one of the natural renewal processes of our body.
But if you notice that the intensity of hair loss has increased significantly, this process need to pay attention.The cause of hair loss can be different factors, the main ones:
Stress is a very strong psychological experiences, can cause hair loss;
Hormone imbalance is a common cause of hair loss in women. Hormonal levels can change during pregnancy and lactation, menopause, use of oral contraceptives;
Diet is strict and poorly balanced diet can cause a lack of vitamins in the bo...
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Pills for hair loss

Those who once faced
the problem of hair loss is probably the familiar desire to take a magic pill that would once and for all to regain a beautiful, vibrant and healthy curls. Unfortunately this does not happen and for every thread, sometimes you have to fight for very long. But tablets for hair loss exist. So in today’s article we will discuss the drugs that can help in the fight against baldness. Oddly enough, we live in a time when the pharmaceutical market has several hundreds of drugs designed to combat hair loss, which greatly complicates our choice. So I suggest you figure out how to choose the suitable pills against hair loss.For starters, let’s you and I again decide what is still considered the treatment of hair loss...
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The recipes and secrets of folk medicine

The drug to increase potency Viagra has the widest application. At one time, “Viagra” was advised to take people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. However, fresh research says: this tool will not cure heart failure.

The essence of the regulations was the fact that Viagra increases blood flow to different parts of the human body. Therefore, doctors believed that the drug will drive the blood including in the heart. However, scientific observation, which was attended by 216 volunteers (average age of participants was 69 years old), showed that the substance sildenafil – generic Viagra – works no better than placebo. In addition, were marked by strong side effects.

Says Professor Margaret Redfield, working at the Mayo Clinic (USA): “Through 24 weeks after administration of ...

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